Texas Holdem AI

4.8 ( 7298 ratings )
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Entwickler G2 Game Design, LLC


Texas Hold’em AI is a two player Limit Texas Hold’em poker game designed for advanced players. It utilizes state of the art artificial intelligence to bet, slow-play, bluff, and play as well as any professional player.

The game plays a standard limit 2/4 game in accordance with casino rules, except that no rake is taken. Each betting round may have up to three raises, allowing for a maximum pot size of 100 small blind units. A small blind is equal to the selected denomination amount from $1 to $100 and the big blind is double that amount. The game alternates the blind positions between the computer and the human player with each game.

From the settings menu the player may select from three skill levels: Professional, Amateur, and Novice. The Amateur and Novice skill levels include a Training Mode where the player can receive hints while playing the game.

Texas Hold’em AI is coming soon to a casino near you!