Texas Holdem AI App Reviews

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I love this game!! Hard to put down…

I love this game!! Hard to put down… If you are looking for one of the most intelligent and realistic hard-playing video poker games on the market, this is the one you want! I have played some of my best hands of poker against this games artificial intelligence. It’s like sitting down and playing one on one with a professional poker player. This is the closest experience to being at the tables in Vegas that I have ever had with a hand-held game… Hands down the best video poker game at any price.

Refund money back

Needs to have online al olone not more people update needed bad

Great game!

I love this game! I cannot put it down. It plays like real life! I have recommended it to several people and they all love it as much as I do! Get it and youll love it!


How did they do it? Plays like a pro.


Holy Crickeees !!!! If I had known how expensive this ap was I wouldnt have bought it... I guess buyer beware, read the damn price first !! How in the HELL is this ap worth that kind of money. Its just a simple stinking card game. NOT WORTH THE MONEY !!!

Real life practice for the actual Las Vegas Texas holdem video poker game

This game is the ONLY app that allows you to practice for the ACTUAL version in the casinos!! Its worth $24 because you will know how to play the one in the casinos and MAKE money off of it!! Great idea!! Hats off to the developers!!! Ive been practicing on the plane and now Im ready for my vacation in Las Vegas this weekend.. Thanks! I wish other Las Vegas video game developers would do the same-- ONLY Texas Holdem App WORTH the money!!! The rest are for amateurs..

Bug in the AI - Bets when only options are call, check raise or fold

There is a bug in the AI, this bug only exists in the iPhone version of this app, the bug does not exist in the iPad version. At various times the AI will check, and then bet after the user bets. For example using the $5 ante game when the user is on the button: the AI checks, the user bets $10, the AI bets $10, and it is $10 to call raise or fold back to the user. This action logic is incorrect, when the AI is facing a bet its only options should be to fold, call the $10 bet (and then go on to the next street) or raise to $20. With this logic error the game is unplayable. I hope the developers fix this soon, I am concerned it will not be fixed since the last update was November 2009 - Im going to wait 2 weeks, if it is not fixed then I will be forced to ask for my money back. The iPad version of this app is fantastic, its totally worth the investment... I hope they fix the problem on the iPhone side ASAP!

This person tricked a lot of people

I was so disappointed with this app I just paid money for an app that I would rather have paid to have it taken off the market. Money holds no value to you if you can just poof it out of thin air I wish I read the reviews before buying. This app is dumb. Please do not spend money on it

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